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State Side Beach Home

Vacation rental home in Orange Beach AL, dining room and kitchen
SeaRenity Too Dining Room and Kitchen

You might think it's counterproductive to write about another vacation rental home on the DPC19 Blog but since DPC19 is almost completely booked for the remainder of 2023 I figured I should share information about our new beach home located in Orange Beach, Alabama. We've considered purchasing a beach home in the States for a few years and Orange Beach, Alabama (OBA) has been on our radar for a while. After our son made the decision to attend Auburn (War Eagle!) it made sense to get serious about finding a place in OBA. We wanted a home, not a condo and we wanted to be on the beach side of Perdido Blvd. We wanted a fully furnished newly constructed home that was Gold Fortified and we wanted the home to be either beachfront or one tier off the beach with private beach access. Let me tell you the story of how we found our OBA beach home.

We were in Grand Cayman, actually, we were in the Discovery Point Club 19 pool when we heard that a condo in DPC was going on the market. For a moment we considered making an offer but after a short discussion of the renovation that would be needed to bring the property up to today's style, we decided to take a look at what was on the market in Orange Beach. We found one home that met all of our requirements. After a referral from a Texas based realtor friend to an OBA realtor we were off and running. Offer made on the house, offer countered, counter offer countered, offer accepted, closing date April 12, 2023. This is how we came to own a beach home located in Ocean Edge, one of the newest beachfront developments in Orange Beach.

Allow me to introduce you to SeaRenity Too. Visit the website for details but in short, it's pretty awesome. With 3 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms, a bunk area, a large gourmet kitchen, a comfortable living room, and a private boardwalk to the beach located a few feet from the front door, it's everything we wanted. If you want to avoid the high cost of international airfare, you should consider booking a stay at SeaRenity Too. You can fly into Pensacola, rent a car and arrive at SeaRenity Too's front door in 45 to 50 minutes. Of course, driving is always an option and our private driveway provides parking for two vehicles.

On April 12 I traveled to Auburn for TKE Mom's Weekend, then headed down to LA (Lower Alabama) for a stay at SeaRenity Too. A few days later my husband and mother-in-law joined me then our son and his girl friend drove down from Auburn for the weekend. We enjoyed the sugar soft white sand, the amazing April weather, and plenty of delicious dinners at local restaurants. The water was chilly but that didn't stop the college kids from boogie boarding and swimming in the clear Gulf waters. And from observing families with young children, the chilly water didn't stop the little ones from running full speed into the water, giggling all the way.

If making the trip to Grand Cayman won't work for you then come on down to LA and spend your vacation in OBA at SeaRenity Too. I promise you will have a wonderful time. And you may want to make the short drive over to the Flora-Bama for live music, dancing, and good old fashioned fun (or call a cab if you plan on having a few cocktails.)

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