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About Time

Updated: Apr 30

It's about time I wrote another blog entry. It's been years, it was the middle of the pandemic since I've written. Probably because it was not fun writing about Grand Cayman when we were not welcome to visit. Those days have passed and everyone is welcome to return to the Cayman Islands. Other than your passport there are NO entry requirements!

Our family made the journey back to DPC 19 in March 2022. I arrived on March 9, and my husband and son followed on March 12. On March 16, 2020, I boarded an American Airlines flight bound for Miami and left our island home, thinking I would return in August. We all know how that turned out. So two years later I finally returned; it was almost surreal. Back in March (2022) testing one day before arrival was still required as was testing to return to the US. I'm happy to report both of those requirements have been dropped. The Cayman Islands welcomes everyone, with no vaccination requirement, and no testing before arrival. The US continues to require non-citizens to be fully vaccinated before they are allowed to enter. As I update this blog entry on April 30, 2023, the US continues to require noncitizens to be fully vaccinated before arriving in the US. Hopefully, this requirement will end on May 11, 2023!

We were fortunate to return again in May and it was nice to slow down and enjoy lazy days by the sea and amazing meals at our favorite restaurants. It was good for the heart to see our island friends and feel their arms wrap around us in a big, warm, welcoming hug.

For my family we are on the countdown to another trip in November, then it's home for Thanksgiving when our son will be home from Auburn University for the first time since August. Then we move quickly to Christmas and the New Year. Speaking of 2023 don't you think it's about time you planned a trip to Grand Cayman? I know I've already blocked our dates and in summer 2023 I will have some BIG news to share about the future of DPC19. I promise you will want to be in the loop so keep in touch!

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