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I know many people don't like Daylight Saving Time but here's the best thing about it for a family from Texas who enjoys spending as much time as possible in our Grand Cayman island home. When we "spring forward" Grand Cayman time stays the same so us Texas folks on Central Time "catch up" to Grand Cayman. It's great not worrying about the time change. Of course it's only an hour even when we are on Standard Time but still it's nice not having to deal with the time difference. And lets face it having more hours of daylight in the evening brings thoughts of fireflies (or as we called them growing up "lightening bugs") and images of summer cook outs, time with family and lazy days by the pool, lake or beach. So come on and get excited about this weekend when we "Spring Forward." Think of it as an invitation to spend an evening or two, or three or four, heck spend every evening outside as the days grow longer, watch the kids play, toast the warm weather (I swear it's coming) and get ready to chase the "lightening bugs" right in to summer.

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