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Counting Blessings

How long has it been since you counted your blessings? Thanksgiving is this Thursday, a perfect time to take a moment and reflect on all the good things in your life. I'm not talking about the BIG things, you know, like a new car, a pair of expensive shoes you've had you eye on, or even a trip to your favorite island. Certainly you should be thankful for those things but I'm talking about the little things; those blessings that happen in your normal every-day life. For example I'm thankful for Gracie who is the best grocery sacker in the world. She takes time to place all my items carefully in my bags, making sure nothing will be crushed or broken on the ride home. I'm thankful for teachers who take time to educated our children and don't get paid much for doing so. I'm thankful for the woman who takes care of our dogs when we travel. I'm thankful for the hand written recipes in my recipe box, the ones in my mothers hand writing. I'm thankful for people I've met along the way of life. Some whom I see each day, some I see occasionally and some whom I may never see again...but yet we share a memory or two, and I'm thankful no one can take away those memories.

Life is a series of blessings, some large, some small, and some so tiny you might not realize they are blessings at all....until you stop long enough to count them.

So tell me, what are you thankful for? Go ahead it's time to start counting blessings.

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