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A Dog's Beach Life

I wonder what it's like to be a dog living on the beach. Do all dogs like to swim in the ocean or frolic in the waves? I wonder if they prefer lounging under the shade of a palm tree, sleeping with one eye open as they watch people fall off their rented paddle boards. I've met quite a few dogs during our time in Grand Cayman. I've met small dogs, medium size dogs and great big dogs, and all but one were accompanied by their owners strolling along the beach and each of them (dogs and owners) were happy to great me with a wagging tail (dogs) and a friendly smile (owners and dogs). That one dog who showed up alone was wearing a collar and I immediately called her owner to alert him to her whereabouts, but as soon as I asked if he was missing a dog he said, "Oh geez is she on the beach again?" He went on to explain that his dog is a proven hoodini and finds ways to exit the safety of her backyard and take herself to the beach. He said "come sunset she will head north and be home before I'm back from work." She hung out with us all day, lounging under the chair, sharing in our lunch, enjoying fresh cool water, and sleeping with one eye open as she watched those afore mentioned SUP riders take an unexpected dip in the ocean. She ventured out for a quick swim, came back for a nap, chased away a chicken, and gave a green iguana the stink eye. Then just as the sun was sinking toward the horizon, she hopped up, grabbed a quick drink of water and headed north up the beach. She paused for a moment and looked back at me; I called out a goodbye and told her to come back anytime. Her response; she nodded her head and I swear she gave me a wink.

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