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Most Wonderful Time

It's that time of year in Grand Cayman, you know what I mean, it's perfect. The weather, the sand, the water, the food, the sunsets, it's all amazing and wonderful. The time between Christmas and the second week in January is always a bit more crowded on the island but with additional guests comes the unique opportunity to meet new people from all around the world. Just ask any of the friendly faces you see sitting in the lounge chair in the next hut over or strike up a conversation with those folks floating in the water and you will find a vast array of countries and states represented. Roll Call: New York, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Toronto, Georgia, Colorado, North Carolina, Great Britain, Spain, France, Mexico...all present and accounted for and that's just to name a few of the people visiting during this holiday season. Making new friends and learning about their culture all while enjoying the hospitality of the Caymanian people on this beautiful beach indeed makes this the most wonderful time of the year to visit the Cayman Islands.

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