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Dorian's Devastation in the Bahamas

The images coming from the Bahamas are unfathomable. Seeing families with no homes, with nothing, absolutely NOTHING is heart wrenching. Those of us who live on or own property on an island know it isn't a matter of IF a hurricane hits, it's a matter of WHEN. And when Dorian attacked she hit full force and refused to leave quickly. The Cat 5 hurricane stuck around for two days before moving on, causing destruction, devastation and loss of life. There are people who have nothing other than the clothes on the backs, they have no home and little hope of rebuilding the place they once called home. What does it feel like to have all of your worldly possessions destroyed? How do you care for your children when you have no roof to put over their heads? How do you overcome such adversity and move on with your life? I suppose you do by pure grit, strength and determination. I also know these folks need our help and support. Please consider making a donation to the Grand Bahama Disaster Relief Foundation, no amount is too small or too large.

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